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Publisher leaks Apple tablet details


According to web sources, publisher McGraw-Hill was reportedly saying Apple will be unveiling their new Tablet at their event in San Francisco on 27th Jan (tomorrow morning Singapore time). It seems that the publisher has been working with Apple on a tablet for some time.

Gadget site Gizmodo notes that on the eve of the giant Apple announcement, publisher McGraw-Hill’s Harold “Terry” McGraw III casually told a CNBC reporter live on the air Tuesday that Apple will take the wraps off a tablet at Wednesday’s product event.

Not “may” introduce a tablet. Or “could” introduce a tablet. Will.

McGraw might be in a position to know more than most. He said on CNBC that his company has been working on a tablet with Apple for quite a while. Furthermore, according to the ever chatty Mr. McGraw, the tablet’s operating system will be based on the iPhone OS, implying that all work done on developing apps for the iPhone OS will be easily transferable to the tablet. There will also be a “consortium of e-books” available, and 95 percent of McGraw-Hill’s library will be available in that format.

Source: MacWorld

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