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Psy breaks 1 billion views for Gangnam Style YouTube MV

 “Gangnam Style” helped propel Psy into a global spotlight that rarely any other Asian music stars get to experience.  How big is this spotlight?  Well, Psy recently overtook Justin Bieber to become the musician with the most views in a single YouTube video.  Psy’s hot streak didn’t end there as the Korean pop/rap star has just broken the 1 billion view mark for his Gangnam Style MV on YouTube.

It’s staggering how much fame an individual can obtain through just a single production during the digital age.  What’s even more amazing is that Psy’s feat has been achieved despite racial and cultural boundaries.  Psy’s comical Gangnam Style choreography played a huge role in his newfound global stardom.  This, however, leads many critics to consider Psy as nothing more than a novelty artist with little substance in term of lyrical depth.

While it’s true that Korean is not a globally used language, it should be noted that many catchy tunes that turned artists into ‘stars’ had little to do with the lyrics.  Take for example; CUPID’s 2007 hit “Cupid Shuffle” gave CUPID a bit of fame, but the performer—along with his dance—soon faded into obscurity. 

What about Soulja Boy’s “Crank That”?  One could pose the question: How much depth is there in Soulja Boy’s Crank That lyrics?  Substance and depth are clearly one of those topics that should be left for the listener to decide, but no one can deny that Soulja Boy’s dance played a role in boosting the MV’s popularity and entertainment value.

Oh, and how can we forget the “Dougie.”

There were countless catchy tunes and choreographies that helped many people obtain fame and fortune, but rarely do these stars hold onto their statuses.  Skeptics in the Western world are wondering if Psy can produce another hit that will be on the same level as Gangnam Style.  There’s no doubt that Psy will ride his Gangnam Style streak for as long as possible, but like all legitimate artists there has to be something in the works to prove that Psy is not just a ‘novelty.’

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