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PS4 will probably make it to Europe as well in 2013

Playstation Europe has tweeted an advertisement that indicates that the console will be releasing in 2013. Could be the hint Europeans have been waiting for.

Now here is some good news for all the folks living in Europe. Leading up to the announcement of the PS4 and even a bit afterward, there were some indications that perhaps Sony would be unable to release their next-generation console in all regions this year.  Some people assumed that North America and Japan would take precedence over Europe. Here is a new advertisement from Sony that seems to show that the console will also be coming to Europe in 2013.

The advertisement was posted on twitter by Playstation Europe and clearly says that the PS4 is coming in 2013. Sony is still being a little cagey though, which might be a cause for concern. When asked by Joystiq for clarification, Sony said that the advertisement is simply re-stating what they said at E3.

Maybe that’s reading too much into it.  If all goes well, the console should release in North America, Europe, and Japan, and nobody will get left out.  Unfortunately the possibility of supply constraints and shortages is a reality the company may have to face. Also, Europe remains Sony’s stronghold so it would make more sense not to leave them out for this year, not allowing Microsoft to gain any headway on them. The concern was that they were confident enough that Europe would adopt the console regardless of when it launched, which obviously rubbed people the wrong way.

Either way, only time will tell us for sure, but it's definitely looking better now.

Source: Playstation Europe Via: Destructoid

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