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PS4 developers speak out about the new controller

It's been a while since the new DualShock 4 controller was revealed during the PlaysStation 4 press conference earlier this year, but now we're finally treated to a video detailing the practical uses of the new controller.


The PlayStation blog has released a new video showing the DualShock 4 hands on, up close and in people's hands. It finally gives us a good look at how it fits in your hands, and more importantly, details some of the new functionality that has only been hinted at previously.


One of the more curious features of the controller is the Move-like blue light at the front of the DualShock 4. Integrating Move in a controller that doesn't look like it's meant for motion gaming, and which already has sixaxis support, is something I've had trouble understanding. The video details that indeed, there are more uses for tracking your controller than simply motion-based gaming. The blue light will allow the PS4 to track your position in the room, which among other uses, can ensure that if you move, a game's split screen will reorient itself to your new position.


Then there's the touch pad, something which some worried would be too small or too out of reach to be useful. As it turns out, it's fairly large, easy to reach with your thumbs, and could certainly add new game functionality; perhaps even functioning as a track-pad.


The video also mentions the share button, which we've all heard about, and the improved form factor. We got a new glimpse of the underside of the controller as well, which looks wonderfully course and grippy.

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