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PS4 ad campaign leaked and slogan reveals ‘Greatness Awaits’

A script has leaked for what looks to be a commercial in a new ad campaign for the PS4 and it offers what could potentially be Sony's slogan leading up to release.  "Greatness Awaits."

Sony is no stranger to various styles of marketing from grand advertisements, down to low-key and stranger styles of commercials. Crying baby ring any bells? If a leaked script of what appears to be a commercial being made for Sony’s Playstation 4 is any indication, it seems the company is cooking up an ad that sounds ambitious.

The memo also includes another interesting tidbit. It offers a glimpse of what could be Sony’s new slogan for the PS4, or at least in the advertising leading up to the console, and that slogan is “Greatness Awaits.” If that doesn’t show that they are confident in their next-generation system then I don’t know what does.
Below is a complete transcript from the leak obtained and transcribed by Siliconera:
"Who are you to be ordinary? You, who could get away with murder, or raise the dead…" As the guy says this the buildings start to look damaged. 
"Who are you to be anonymous? You, whose name should be spoken in reverent tones or in terrified whispers." We hear a distant screech – and in the far background some windows blow out from the sound. Suddenly, two people sprint the opposite way covered in yellow paint.
"Who are you to be afraid? You, who can serve as judge and jury while hoarding infinite lives." The nearby buildings appear increasingly damaged as he walks. We begin to notice a few people are starting to come out and follow behind him – three friends fall in behind while a kid on a BMX bike rolls in from an alley off the main street, his friend is standing on the back foot pegs carrying a hockey stick and wearing a homemade cape. He passes by some abandoned cars in the middle of the road. But more brave souls have joined our hero’s cause.They walk behind him – following him wherever it is he is headed.
"Who are you to be a slave to the past? You who can travel time like the oceans and rewrite history with a single word." Without wavering and with growing focus our hero continues to head straight towards camera, passing some rubble spattered in yellow paint. With the wind blowing against him and the sounds of chaos in front, he begins to raise his voice to be heard. In the background, we see a home-made lag painted with the icon from Destiny unfurl out a broken window.
"Who are you to deny greatness? If you would deny it to yourself, you deny it to the entire world."
It won't be long before we hear new details on the upcoming console with E3 only one month away. One thing is for sure, we can expect various other leaks between now and then which should make the wait easier to swallow.
Source: Siliconera Via: ComplexMag

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