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Prototypes similar to Google Glass were developed by Apple, says former SVP

Tony Fadell, former senior vice president of Apple’s iPod division, says that the company made prototypes similar to the Google Glass. Fadell headed the iPod division from 2006 to 2008, currently he is the CEO of Nest.

Google-Glass-teardown (2)

Time and again it has been rumored that Apple will eventually make a move into wearable technology. Recent rumors suggest that the company might be working on a smartwatch, which is commonly known as the iWatch. Earlier this year Apple CEO said that he didn’t see mass market appeal for the Google Glass, so even if the company has toyed around with the idea of making such a product, its possible that it might not go for it in the near future. As far as the iWatch is concerned, there’s no official position available on that just yet, for all we know, the smartwatch might just be a figment of the rumor mill’s imagination.

Fadell said that they were always looking at different products that they could revolutionize, when he was at the company. “The craziest thing we talked about was something like Google Glass,” Fadell said in an interview recently, adding that they didn’t really have to pursue these things because they were already have success with the things they were already doing.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Apple has toyed around with this idea, its a company that many deem to be revolutionary. Will it ever go down this road and create a product that is similar to Google Glass? Its too soon to speculate on that at this point in time.

Source: Fast Company

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