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Protect Your New Headphones In Four Easy Steps

Great, you’ve just invested in an expensive new pair of cans. Here are some tips on how to keep them spiffy and protect your investment!

Step 1: No strings attached

Your headphone cable may look indestructible, but in most cases they’re not! Refrain from coiling it around your music player – the strain might pull the copper cable from their joints! If your headphone cable is replaceable, it’s a great idea to unplug the cable and pack it separately. Otherwise, there might be unnecessary pressure on the connectors leading to a loose connection, or worse – breakage!

Otherwise, wireless headphones are a great way to ditch the cord!

Keeping the cable separately prolongs its longevity.

Step 2: Keep ’em dry

Our oppressive Singaporean humidity will disintegrate anything made of synthetic leather. So how do u keep those cushions from melting all over your cheeks? You’ll need to keep them as dry as possible by wiping them (not with your sweaty shirt!) and keeping them out of the case to air them. But bear in mind that this merely prolongs the life of your cushions. They’re like socks, only you can’t wash them. Even when those cushions are intact, you’ll want to chuck them for a fresh pair every few years!

This also means that headphones with replaceable cushions make better investments.

The Marshall Monitor Headphones come with a removable cable.

Step 3: Watch where you put it!

We may be rough with our stuff, but we got to treat our headphones right. So don’t discard them on your chair when you’re done, someone might sit on them without knowing. Don’t chuck them into the same bag pocket as your knick-knacks either. Headphones are generally not built like tanks, so even a loose bolt in the components may affect its lifespan! You may buy a display stand and proudly hang them. Or if you’re not ready for that, simply place them on a flat surface nice and gentle with the cushions facing upwards.

Proudly dsplay your new headphones instead of chucking them aside.

Step 4: Don’t neglect it!

Cans are like cars. You’ve got to take them for a spin once in a while or they’ll get too stiff! If your headphones have been sitting there for ages it might be a great idea to put an album through them to loosen up its cogs. If they are old noise-cancelling headphones that use alkaline batteries, pop some in and run them for a bit. In humid environments, this warms the headphones slightly so that moisture is kept away from the circuits. But don’t forget to remove the batteries when you’re done, or they might leak!

Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be enjoying your new investment for a long time yet!

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