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PropertyGuru Looking Into VR Possibilities

Virtual Reality has already started to permeate into marketing materials in various industries across the world. The Marriott Hotel Group has already started looking into its implementation in it’s hotels. The adult entertainment industry, always at the vanguard of technology, is investing big money in VR videos. Here in Singapore, yet another industry will soon see some experimentation in VR. PropertyGuru, the real estate portal, has already started the process.

A Look into the Future

source: propertyguru.com.sg
source: propertyguru.com.sg

Bjorn Sprengers, Chief Marketing Officer of PropertyGuru, explains that there had been experimentation in different technologies. Drones and limited VR had already proved to be more engaging for their customer base. However, the next step was a full VR truck, first seen parked at Raffles Place on 27 June.

“We merged the concept of a property pop-up store and VR into that of the VR showroom,” said Sprengers in PropertyGuru’s news blog. Whilst it has an immediately obvious benefit for seeing existing properties, Sprengers says that the main feature of this technology is for customers to see property which has not yet been built. PropertyGuru see this as an underserved portion of the property market in Singapore.


This is not a novel use of VR. In Los Angeles, luxury real estate seller Sotheby’s is showing off multi-million dollar houses in VR. However, this is the first of its kind in Singapore. Furthermore, unlike its US counterpart, PropertyGuru are offering these services to more than just the wealthy.

It is not clear if there are plans to continue the VR trucks past this week. Sprengers however  says that PropertyGuru is “definitely looking to enrich the content on PropertyGuru, and VR is one way.” These developments will be announced within the next 12 to 18 months according to PropertyGuru.

Ikea's vr experience. source: digitaltrends.com
Ikea’s vr experience. source: digitaltrends.com

PropertyGuru’s VR Trucks in the Wild

Those who want to have a look at the real estate portal’s VR trucks can look out for the trucks this coming weekend. On Saturday 9 July the truck will be parked in Century Square, Tampines. On Sunday 10 July you can find the truck parked in Jurong Point. Both days the trucks will be open from 11am to 6pm. Anyone wanting to buy property in the future, or just curious about VR should pay attention to these dates and locations.

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