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Prolimatech Megahalems Revision C CPU Cooler Review

Although the installation of the Megahalems is not overly difficult, it definitely requires tools and a fair amount of time. First time installers should take it slow and read the installation manual carefully. AMD socket users will have to remove the plastic retention bracket from their motherboard, leaving however the stock backplate into place. The metallic retention bracket provided by Prolimatech should then be secured at the top of the motherboard by using the proper thumbscrews. The thumbscrews make it easy to install the cooler with the motherboard still inside the case,  given that the motherboard tray is cut open behind the CPU area of course, however we recommend tightening them a little harder by using a common Philips screwdriver once all four screws are installed.

Once the retention bracket is in place, the user only has to apply a thin layer of thermal compound on the CPU and place the cooler on it, tightening the thick black aluminum retention bar with the provided spring screws. One of the major improvements over the previous revision is that now the spring screws do not interfere with the installation of 140mm fans.

Finally, the fans need to be secured with the wire clips. Note that Prolimatech does NOT supply any fans with the purchase of this cooler by default. We installed two Blue Vortex 12 LED 120mm 1600RPM fans as they were supplied to us by the company for illustration and testing purposes. The end user may freely choose any 120/140 mm fan(s); however we would recommend the installation of 120mm fans as 140mm fans might improve performance slightly but they are larger than the cooling body, looking “out of place” and ruining the aesthetic value of the Megahalems. It also is interesting to note that despite the size of the Megahalems, the cooler leaves the RAM slots clear and the users with the option to freely install tall RAM modules.

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