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Prolimatech Megahalems Revision C CPU Cooler Review

Prolimatech’s Megahalems Revision C is a dual tower cooler of significant proportions. Although its size will not rival some of the latest super-cooler designs we encountered from other manufacturers, it definitely is greater than the vast majority of the high performance CPU coolers currently available. In order to improve the aesthetic value of their product Prolimatech nickel-plated every copper part of the cooler, as well as the top aluminum fin which now creates a mirror-like effect.

Much like with all such designs available today, the contact base and heatpipes of the Megahalems are made out of copper while the heat dissipation fins are all made out of aluminum. The fins are thin but they are connected to each other, making them very resilient to mechanical stresses expected during the handling and installation of this product. While the fins are very thin, the space between them is approximately 4 times wider than a fin’s width, minimizing noise due to air turbulence.

Six thick 6mm ID heatpipes are moving through the base of the cooler and transfer the heat generated by the CPU to each side of the cooler. The company nickel plated the heatpipes, enhancing the aesthetics of their design but also protecting the soft copper from long term oxidation/corrosion damage.

The base of the Megahalems cooler is very smooth and virtually flawless; however the company did not bother polishing the base down to a perfect mirror finish. It is highly unlikely that such measures would increase the actual performance of the cooler by any measurable figure and it would definitely do nothing to help with the appearance of the cooler once it is installed, which explains why the company did not waste time and/or resources over this.

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