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Prolimatech Lynx CPU Cooler Review

Quality (30% of the total score)

As enthusiasts have come to expect from Prolimatech, the Lynx is an exceptionally well made product down to the smallest details. The materials used are of high quality and the manufacturing process appears to be very precise, leaving no imperfections to talk about. Prolimatech reinforced the edges of the fins in order to keep them from bending and the cooler’s base is machined nearly perfectly. Even the retention braces are thick enough to withstand many times more stress than they ever were intended to. Despite its narrow size, little weight and thin aluminum fins, the Lynx is surprisingly strong mechanically as well. In our view, only the cleanliness of the cooler’s base could have been improved, although the residue of our sample could have been just because someone fiddled with it before shipping.

Quality Score 9.5/10


Performance (40% of the total score)

Performance wise, the Prolimatech Lynx is not going to break any records but it definitely meets the demands of the target group the company designed it to satisfy. It cannot outperform much larger and considerably more expensive solutions but it vastly surpasses the capabilities of stock coolers, both thermally and acoustically. Our only complaint lies with the installation process, which is a little complex for beginners. Installation also requires a significant amount of force, making it even more frustrating for people with little or no experience on computer assembling. 

Performance Score 8.5/10


Aesthetics (20% of the total score)

Prolimatech certainly tried to make the Lynx as aesthetically attractive as possible, considering this is an entry level cooler of course. The design of the Lynx is simple and straightforward, which is not a bad thing for users who enjoy modesty and elegance over fancy looks.

Aesthetics Score 9.0/10


Value (10% of the total score)

The retail value of the Lynx is most likely the Achilles’ heel of this product. This cooler can be found retailing for about 28€ (37 USD / 45 SGD) at the time of this review, a price which is relatively high considering the competition and the class of this cooler. It also cannot be used on socket 1366 and 775, while socket 2011 requires special mounting hardware sold separately. Socket 2011 users would probably not lay their eyes upon a cooler of this league, yet we believe that lacking support for socket 775 CPUs, the perhaps most successful socket in the history of personal computing, is a significant flaw. The saving grace of this product is the full bundle (good cooling fan, sizable tube of thermal grease) which accompanies the cooler.

Value Score 7.5/10

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