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Product Launch: Belkin NextNet 802.11n Wireless Router Line – Surf, Share, Play Max

Do more with Apps. Experience wireless Internet in a different light with smart applications. That is what Belkin aims to achieve with its latest wireless-N networking products, namely the Surf, Share, and Play Max wireless routers.

VR-Zone was invited to the product launch of Belkin’s new 802.11n wireless router lineup, and we bring you more details inside.

VR-Zone was present at the launch event of Belkin’s Next Net 802.11n wireless routers, the Surf, Share, and Play Max. The event was held at SOHO 1 @ The Central, Clarke Quay, Singapore on 24 June 2010.

Louis Lye, ASEAN Region General Manager for Belkin, kicked off the launch event with a short presentation of the company itself.

“Globally, Belkin has achieved number two in networking, according to combination of NPD, GFK and IDC market research. In a wireless home network working space, Belkin has catapulted to number two position from nothing. And this was over a period of over few years,” said Lye.

“Belkin’s focus is on the consumer; we want to make things easy to set up, and the user experience very easy for consumers. So Belkin’s core focus is to try and reduce the complexity in all our products.”

After briefly touching on the history, statistics, and the focus of the company, a short skit was performed to highlight some of the features found on the new Belkin NextNet router lineup.

Share a printer across the network? Stream high definition videos wirelessly? BitTorrent while your computer is switched off? All these and more are possible with these networking products.


Next, Shirley Wong, Regional Product Manager for Networking Products, took the media through a detailed presentation of the features found on the NextNet wireless routers.

With Belkin’s Easy Start, setting up your network is easy as 1-2-3. The power cable and Ethernet cable are already connected. First time users need not worry about getting connections wrong; simply follow the illustrations (which are also labelled 1-2-3) on the inside of the box.

If you were to do a network search at home, chances are that half of these networks are not secured, as wireless routers have security disabled by default. However, it is not the case for Belkin’s new routers. Security settings are preset, and each router is given a unique SSID and password.

The Belkin Surf is the most basic router in the lineup launched today. It has Easy Start, Preset Security, and Self-healing troubleshooting features.

Despite its small size (yes it is smaller than the Share and the Play Max), you have four Ethernet ports at the back, and it packs a 2×2 MIMO wireless-N 300Mbps antenna design inside its grey chassis.

The Belkin Share router sports the same 2×2 MIMO wireless-N 300Mbps design and has two additional Apps on top of those on the Belkin Surf. The first App, Print Genie allows you to print to a connected USB printer from multiple PCs on the network. And the second App, Memory Safe, enables automatic backup of files to a connected external USB hard drive.

The flagship router is the Belkin Play Max, which sports dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless-N 300Mbps with 2×2 MIMO design. Here is a shot of the back of the Belkin Play Max router; one WAN port, four Ethernet ports, and two USB ports for sharing of a printer and/or external hard disk drive.

Some interesting Apps found on the Play Max include Music Labeler, which automatically identifies and adds ID3 tags to untagged music files; Daily DJ, which creates randomized playlists based on the genre the user selects; and Torrent Genie, which enables the user to download large media files even when the computer is switched off.

A summary of all the available Apps on the NextNet wireless router lineup is found below. Different routers have different Apps; only the flagship Play Max router has the complete collection.


From left to right, we have the Belkin Surf, the Belkin Share, and the Belkin Play Max.


While not mentioned at the product launch today, the Surf, Share, and Play Max will also be available with a built-in modem for ADSL broadband.


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