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Pre-orders of Bungie’s open-world shooter ‘Destiny’ might come with beta access

Destiny Screen

Bungie has always been good at keeping secrets, and throughout the years the minds and souls behind the iconic FPS juggernaut Halo have kept their announcements and secrets well guarded.

However one Reddit user might have stumbled upon something that Bungie doesn’t want everyone knowing just yet: Destiny‘s beta test.

While perusing the source code of the official site for Bungie’s new open-world MMO shooter, the Reddit user found an interesting snippet that mentions a retailer-specific pre-order bonus that every Destiny fan wants to be a part of:

<div id=”atvi-text-569261″ > <p>Pre-order Destiny at select retailers and receive admission to the Destiny Beta. Play it first. Become Legend.</p>

The original “beta page” has since been taken down by Bungie, but the user found the code snippet above simply by navigating over to the News portion of Destiny’s site, viewing the source, and doing a simple CTRL+F search for the keyword “Beta”.

Destiny Concept Art

Unfortunately the code only seems to pop up on UK and Canadian versions of the site, which might mean the pre-order beta incentive might not be applicable to the United States–which would be a big drawback for both Bungie and gamers alike.

In any case, if you’re in the UK or Canada be sure to take a look at the source code for yourself, and Bungie might make an official announcement sometime soon. It might take a little bit, knowing them, but it should be worth the wait.

Additionally we should see beta access for the countless gamers who have already pre-ordered their copy, as it would be quite unfair for the early purchasers not to get in.

We saw Destiny‘s live gameplay demo at this year’s E3 Expo, where Bungie delivered a delightful slice of sci-fi FPS action that resonated with incredible potential and entertainment.

Via Reddit, Polygon

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