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Pre-order Apple iPhone 5C online from today

On September 10th Apple finally unveiled its two new iPhones. From today, customers in ten countries can pre-order iPhone 5C online. There is no pre-order program for the iPhone 5S, apparently due to supply constraints.


Rumors about an iPhone fashioned out of plastic had been circulating for well over a year. In the past, Apple has never announced two new iPhones in one year, this is the first time ever since the original iPhone came out in 2007 that the company has decided to offer two separate models. iPhone 5C is made from hard-coated polycarbonate wrapped around a steel reinforced frame which also acts as an antenna.

Starting today, customers in U.S., Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and the United Kingdom can pre-order iPhone 5C online. As previously mentioned, the iPhone 5S can not be pre-ordered. However, both new iPhones will begin shipping to customers and will become available in retail stores of participating carriers, Apple, and its authorized retailers in these countries on September 20th. The 16GB iPhone 5C is priced at $99 and 16GB iPhone 5S at $199, both with a two year contract.

The iPhone 5C is also the first iPhone to be offered in five different colors, customers can choose from white, green, pink, yellow and blue. All four major U.S. carriers, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, are carrying the new iPhones. They will also be available from Walmart, Best Buy, Radio Shack and Target, apart from Apple’s own retail stores across the country.

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