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PowerColor PCS+ Radeon R9 300 and R7 300 graphics cards announced


PowerColor has introduced its new lineup of AMD graphic cards based on the R7 300 and the R9 300 series.

The PCS+ R9 390X and R9 390 models come with 8GB of GDDR% memory and 2816 Stream Processors. PowerColor PCS+ R9 390X features a core clock speed of 1060 MHz while the R9 390 comes with 1010 MHz core clock. Memory clock is 1500 MHz on both the cards, connected via the new high speed 512-bit memory interface. Both the cards also offer Digital PWM solution to ensure optimum power flow. For greater power efficiency and stability, the cards feature an 8 phase (6+1+1) board design. There is also the PCS+ R9 380 with 980 MHz core clock, 1475 MHz memory speed, 4GB GDDR5 VRAM, and support for FreeSync, Virtual Super Resolution, Liquid VR, and 4K resolution.


PCS+ R7 370 card comes with 2GB of GDDR5 memory and 1024 Stream Processors. Core clock on the R7 370 is 985 MHz while the memory has been clocked at 1425 MHz on a 256-bit wide interface. The card offers support for Virtual Super Resolution and Liquid VR.


Source: TechPowerUp

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