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Powercolor Barts/6800 Dual-GPU Pictured

SemiAccurate have leaked a pictured of Powercolor Dual-GPU board based on Barts / 6800. Both dual-Barts and dual-GF114 are on the cards (no pun intended), with a release scheduled in early Q3. The dual-Barts card is expected to be revealed at Computex, in three weeks' time. 

Each GPU consists of 1GB GDDR5. The surprise is the power configuration – 2 x 8-pin. Considering the Radeon HD 6870's TDP of 150W, this suggests that the PowerColor board is either very overclocking friendly or features overclocked Barts GPUs. Either way, the dual-Barts board will be no slouch, outperforming the likes of HD 6970 and even the GTX 580 in most benchamrks. Of course, it will be no match for the GTX 590 or HD 6990. Considering a Radeon HD 6870 sells in the ~$200 range, this card has the potential to undercut the GTX 580 significantly, while offering better performance. Pricing it lower than $400 will likely cannibalize HD 6970 sales, however. 

Visually, the card is very long – possibly in the 11" range. The two GPUs are much closer to each other than on the HD 6990, suggesting PowerColor is not opting for the middle fan design.

The card is unnamed and this leaves a branding dillemma. Initially, the rumour mill had previously decided to call dual-Barts the HD 6890. However, in terms of performance, HD 6980 wil be more accurate. 

The dual-Barts cards will be followed by dual-GF114 in Q3. While the GF114 based solution might end up faster, it will use a lot more power and likely cost more. 

Source: SemiAccurate

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