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PowerColor announces dual mode setting in the HD6950

PowerColor, a well known manufacturer of AMD graphics cards, has announced a dual setting design in its newest HD6950 design — the PowerColor PCS++ HD6950. This card features a dual BIOS setting, allowing a factory overclock of up to 880MHz on the core speed and 1250MHz on the memory speed, and more importantly, it will allow unlocking of shaders to give a huge performance boost.

PowerColor has recently announced its latest HD6950 model — the PowerColor PCS++ HD6950. What is unique about this card is that it features a dual BIOS setting, giving the user the freedom to switch between modes to accommodate to their needs.

The main BIOS setting will allow for the unlocking of shaders, as well as boost the core speed up to 880MHz, with the memory speed still at 1250MHz. With the unlocking of shaders, as well as the core speed at 880MHz, the only difference between this card and the HD6970’s technical specs would be the memory speed, which is slightly faster on the HD6970.

The backup BIOS setting will follow the specs of the reference HD6950, with the core clock of 800MHz and the memory speed of 1250MHz.

“This product is like nothing else on the market with its dual mode setting design. The PCS++ HD6950 is an innovative product with all the key features, it should be the solution which can fulfill any gamer’s demand,” said Ted Chen, CEO of TUL corporation.

In addition, the PowerColor PCS++ HD6950 features a non-reference designed cooler. The card is kept cool through the use of dual 92mm fans, allowing for more airflow than the reference designed cooler.

SOURCE: PowerColor

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