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Posting Mug Shots To Pinterest Nets Increased Arrests For Police

Police around the world are no slouches when it comes to using social media in all kinds of ways but it would seem that they are getting great results from Pinterest, the newest social media darling.

From Twitter to Facebook, and now Pinterest as well, police agencies around the world have found unique and interesting ways to use social media. Whether it is just simple outreach to the citizens or using social media to actually track down and arrest criminals law enforcement is turning out to be pretty quick to take advantage of these new forms of communication like Facebook, and other social media networks.

The interest in Pinterest however first started when a crime reporter at The Mercury in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, started posting mug shots of the towns criminals in a gallery on the new social network only to discover that the local police saw a 57% increase in arrests as well as catching more people based on tips as a result of the mug shot gallery.

However, it isn't just small towns trying this out as evidenced by the Philadelphia police setting up their own mug shot gallery on Pinterest after seeing the results in Pottstown.

Using social media to catch criminals isn't something new to the Philadelphia police department but the addition of something like Pinterest and its growing success is another tool in the police toolbox.

With this kind of early success it wouldn't be surprising to see more police agencies around the country taking a look at Pinterest and the idea of mug shot galleries.

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