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Possible colored cases for the Moto X have surfaced

I hope you’re not tired of hearing about Motorola’s upcoming Moto X phone because here we have another possible leak for the device showing off some of the customization options.


One of the main selling points of the upcoming Moto X from Motorola as hinted at by their own advertisement that was released a little while ago is the ability to customize the phone. It isn’t confirmed to what extent the phone will be “Designed by you” but it at the least it seems you will definitely be able to pick from a possible 16 color options for the casing of the phone. Some rumors have even indicated the possibility of 32 color choices.

French website NoWhereElse.fr has obtained colorful images of some of the backplates that will apparently be available for the Moto X which can be seen in the image above. Other possible cusotmizations include the “trim” of the device, possible engraving similar to what Apple offers for their devices, and also the ability to choose what apps come preloaded as well as the default wallpaper it ships with.

With Motorola finally beginning the ad campaign for the much hyped smartphone we can only hope that an official announcement arrives sooner rather than later.

Source: NoWhereElse

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