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Police tickets woman for wearing Google Glass while driving

A California woman gets ticketed for wearing Google Glass while driving.


Cecilia Abadie recently got pulled over for speeding on Interstate 15 in San Diego, but when the patrol officer saw that she was also using a  ‘monitor’ while driving he decided to slap her with another ticket.

The Google Glass, an eyewear that has an attached computer that projects a small screen directly into users’ eyes, is subject to scrutiny from both public as well as private sectors.

Some legislators argue that the Google Glass may be dangerous if used in combination with something else—for instance, monitoring the road and Google screen at the same time.  Google Glass is in its early stages of development, with just several thousand testers (Abadie being one of them), which is why there are no set regulations and guideline as to how a person should use the technology.

The line between safety and convenience is blurred with the Google Glass, and Abadie’s citation and future court appearance will play a major role in determining how people may use devices like Glass locally.  She is schedule to appear in traffic court on Thursday in San Diego, but no words on whether or not Google will provide some sort of moral support as she stands in front of a judge to argue her case.

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