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Pokemon Go Could Help You Get Fit

Credits: IB Times

Pokemon Go has surprising health benefits. Launched in countries all over the globe, users have seen thei activity levels rise by leaps and bounds ever since the game was launched. Some conspiracy theorists even hypothesise that Pokemon Go was paid for by the Department of Health.

What’s unique about Pokemon Go is that it gets gamers to get out and walk or run around instead of sitting on their couch like a bum.

In the game, Pokemon Gyms where you go to get some action to battle your Pokemons have to be visited physically instead of pressing some buttons like a couch potato.

Even incubating your eggs in Pokemon require you to get under Singapore’s scorching sun to get some heat, and burn some fats.

The game doesn’t really hide its walking agenda. There are various Jogger awards you can win by reaching certain walking milestones.

Eggs Incubated (2.0 km) = 25 min 125 cal
Eggs Incubated (5.0 km) = 1 hour 300 cal
Eggs Incubated (10.0 km) = 2 hours 600 cal
Jogger Level 1 (10.0 km) = 2 hours 600 cal
Jogger Level 2 (100.0 km) = 20 hours 6,000 cal
Vigorous weightlifting, 1 hour 440 cal
Swimming laps, 1 hour 510 cal
Aerobics, 1 hour 480 cal
Sitting on your couch negligible

Credits: CNET

So are you ready to get in shape and get on the GO?

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