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Everyone loves Pokemon Go. It revolutionized smartphone gaming using augmented reality. Now, it’s coming to Apple Watch. Despite rumours of its cancellation, it’s been confirmed the Pokemon Go is still coming to your Apple Watch.

Trying to get Pokemon Go on your Apple Watch is no easy feat, but we know that it is intricately linked to your Apple Watch’s workout system, and hence, when you go out to catch your favourite Pokemons, you get credited towards activity goals in HealthKit. Tons of privacy systems are being deployed to keep user data safe, and it is suspected that Niantic and Apple require more time to get all of these integrations done right.

To be honest, Pokemon Go might be a great fit for the Apple Watch as it allows the game to be played quite literally on-the-go and tap on the fitness tracking capabilities of the Apple Watch. Most users who play Pokemon Go in an effort to motivate themselves to move and workout more often find that the PoGo app itself doesn’t really track steps or calories well or accurately enough for their needs. For the athletic players, this is without a doubt a reason to rejoice since you can check a calorie counter at the side as you chase down Snorlaxes. The notion of being able to play the game without even removing your phone from your Pocket does seem like an attractive catch, and it might even prompt users to be more alert of their surroundings since watches are probably much less distracting than large bulky phones.


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