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Pocket Geiger launches three new radiation detection devices

Links International have announced on November 12, 2012 the development of three new alternate models of Radiation Watch's Pocket Geiger device.

Radiation Watch, an organization that focuses on the design and development of cheap, easy to use radation detection devices, has released three more new versions of the Pocket Geiger device. The designated names for the models are the Pocket Geiger Type2, Type3 and Type4. Distribution and management of these products will be handled this time by Links International, and is slated for an official commercial release by November 17, 2012. The price is still open for "adjustment", but it is estimated that the prices for the Type2, Type3 will be at 4250 yen (54 USD), while the Type 4 will be at 6450 yen (82 USD).

Earlier in March 2012, Radiation Watch unveiled the very first Pocket Geiger device. It used photodiode sensors and aluminum foil to detect alpha and beta particles, as well as other more harmful forms of radiation. The readings are relayed to an app, allowing you to view radiation level updates as the device stays connected to your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Connection to the Pocket Geiger is done via the mobile unit's 3.5mm headphone jack.

The three new Pocket Geigers are not significantly different from the original one in terms of specs. However each version has an additional function, and holds certain exclusive compatibilities to other mobile devices. The Type 2 for example, is powered directly by the mobile device that it is connected to. The Type 3 can be connected to Android devices. The Type 4 is equipped with a special high sensitivity sensor. The time needed for the Type 2 and Type 3 to get a reading is about 20 minutes, while the Type 4 can quickly get a reading in just a around 2 minutes.

Additionally, the basic app for the device is free, although a "Pro" version is also available for the iOS at 600 yen (7.6 USD).

Source: ITMedia (JP), Radiation Watch (JP)

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