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Plextor introduces the EX1 external SSD with USB Type-C interface support


Plextor has announced its next generation of high-speed external solid state drives with the latest USB Type-C interface, the Plextor EX1. With extreme speeds and a lightweight design, the new EX1 drive is ideal for users who require a fast and reliable drive for large-capacity file transfer and backup. As the SSD drive has no moving mechanical parts, it does not suffer from any issues such as data loss and overheating associated with traditional external hard disk drives. Additionally, the drive supports mobile storage on Android devices as well, thanks to USB OTG support.

Since the EX1 supports the new USB Type-C Gen 2 standard, it is capable of achieving a high continuous read speed of 550 MB/s and write speed of up to 500 MB/s. That means the EX1 is capable of matching or exceeding the speeds that your internal SATA-based SSD can achieve. Tasks such as copying, transferring, or backup up large files, playing/editing ultra-high definition videos, or post-production of high-resolution photos can be done almost instantly thanks to the extremely high performance on offer.


The EX1 has been designed to be shock-proof, quiet during operation, lightweight, and portable. In terms of overall size, the EX1 is as compact as your conventional flash drive, weighing in at just 30 grams. Available in Gold and Titanium Silver options, the EX1 comes bundled with a Type-C to Type-A USB adapter cable and a carrying pouch. It will be available in three capacities – 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. All storage variants come backed by a 5-year limited warranty from Plextor.


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