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PlayStation 4 may outsell supply at launch

Gamestop has just released it's predictions about the PS4 launch, and they're saying that Sony's new console is already seeing indicators of high demand

Gamestop has just reported its earnings, but also released an interesting statement about Sony’s new console, the PlayStation 4. Gamestop president Tony Bartel says that the PS4 is already showing signs of strength: "nearly 900,000 members have already signed up for the PlayStation 4 First to Know List."

The First to know list provides customers with all of the latest information about the console, and according to Bartel, it’s a good indicator for the number of preorders to be received later on. Bartel goes on  to explain that, although they have yet to receive any production numbers from Sony, he believes demand will “far outpace” the supply.


You might want to get in line already


Sony unveiled their newest console recently, and though they have yet to release the exact hardware design of the PS4, it is close to completion and the gaming world at large is convinced it will be released at the end of this year. After the somewhat poor launch of the PS3, Sony will likely be very happy to hear this news. We just have to hope they keep the price reasonable.


During the earnings call, Gamestop also spoke about some issues with the WiiU, expressing concern that it hadn’t been selling as well as they had hoped. Despite a strong launch, the WiiU only sold 57,000 units this January and only 64,000 units in February. Bartel believes consumers may be weary of touch pad controller, and uncertain of its potential. He also believes sales will take off when the WiiU gets a “killer-app”; a first party title that is a must-play.

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