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PlayStation 3 sales cross 80 million globally

Sony announced that the PlayStation 3 console has crossed 80 million sales in seven years, and has mentioned that interest in the console is still high, with over 300 titles due to launch on it this holiday season.

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Microsoft announced that the Xbox 360 crossed 80 million sales last month, and Sony is now following suit by mentioning that the PlayStation 3 has also achieved this milestone. The number reflects the number of units that have been sold to resellers, and are not indicative of actual consumer sales. Both manufacturers are set to launch their next-gen consoles later this month.

Sony has reiterated that interest in the console is not going to wane anytime soon, as exclusive titles like The Last of Us are continuing to do well. It has also been announced that there are 4,322 titles available for the PlayStation 3 globally. Recently launched games like Grand Theft Auto V have shattered all industry records and have contributed a huge chunk of revenue to Sony’s coffers. Other AAA titles that have recently launched on the console include the likes of Batman: Arkham Origins and NBA 2K14.

Sony has mentioned that over 300 titles are set to be launched globally during the holiday season this year, which includes the latest instalment in the Gran Turismo series, Gran Turismo 6. Sony also shared that its PlayStation network has 150 million accounts, of which 110 million accounts are active. In this regard, Sony is miles ahead of Microsoft, whose Xbox Live network has 48 million users.

The next-generation PlayStation 4 will be making its way to North American shores on November 15, and will hit Latin America and Europe on November 29. The console features a new DualShock controller along with better internal hardware, and will cost $399.

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