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PLAY AND WIN! – $1000 of Razer Gaming Peripherals on Gamers.com.sg Game Servers!

In the first of many contests to reward gamers on our servers, Gamers.com.sg will be giving away $1000 worth of Razer gaming peripherals (Keyboards, Mice, Headsets, Mousepads)!


Gamers.com.sg is the re-launched gaming project from VR-Zone, targeting the casual gamer in the South East Asia region. Over the last 2 weeks, we have built many powerful machines and installed Gamers.com.sg branded public online game servers in popular games like Battlefield Bad Company 2, Counter-Strike 1.6/Source, Team Fortress 2, Call of Duty 4, (future hot titles with "3" in them) and a STEAM content server. We will also be bringing our readers a proper gaming news portal (no more obscure MMORPG rubbish) and doing objective reviews on interesting upcoming games and equipment.

The Prizes:

2 x Razer Banshee Starcraft Edition worth US$119.99
2 x Razer Marauder Starcraft Edition worth US$119.99
2 x Razer Spectre Starcraft Edition worth US$79.99
1 x Razer Goliathus Dragon Age 2 Speed Edition worth US$24.99
1 x Razer Goliathus Control Edition worth US$34.99

Total winners: 8


How to win:

1. Add Gamers.com.sg servers (at least 10, ip addresses in the screenshot below) to your STEAM/bfbc2 favourites list and take a screenshot

2. Go into 1 of the gamers.com.sg bfbc2/tf2/css servers and take a screenshot of the scoreboard

3. Upload the screenshots and post them in this forum thread (http://forums.vrzone.com/pc-games-haven/1606365-play-win-1000-razer-gaming-peripherals-gamers-com-sg-game-servers.html)

4. Join the VRZ Steam Group (http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VRZ?action=join)

The contest will run from 5th August to 19th August 2011.

8 Lucky Winners will be notified by Forums Private Message to come to VR-Zone Office (Singapore) to collect the prizes

and oh – this is the first of MANY juicy giveaways! 

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