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Plastic-made HTC One ME9 leaks in full just weeks ahead of Asian launch

Press render, specifications, pricing details and all.


We know that mobile buyers these days tend to favor gigantic 5-inch+ slabs of silicon over the 4 to 4.5-inch blockbusters in times past, but HTC is sure narrowing the size range of its product roster, squeezing way too many marginally different One models between 5 and 5.5 inches.

Since a recap would likely bore you to tears, let’s just cut to the chase and brief you on the imminent One ME9. Codenamed Hima Ace, this is extremely similar to the One M9+ and One E9+, but it’s not too far off from One M9’s specs either.

Basically, it’s little more than a polycarbonate-constructed M9+. Or you can think of it as a slightly smaller E9+. Either way, it’s eerily familiar and, to make matters worse, it’ll target essentially the same audience as the two phones it heavily borrows from. That’s right, China, Taiwan and India.

Due out next month, in July at the latest, the “Hima Ace” recently scored regulatory Tenaa approval, then crossed India’s borders in a package containing a few thousand dummy units. Clearly, the formal announcement and subsequent commercial launch are nigh, and for some reason, HTC plans to invest quite a bit of money in advertising.


Pictured both by China’s FCC equivalent and hit-and-miss Twitter insider @upleaks, the One ME9 looks, well, normal. Handsome by certain standards, chintzy compared to its aluminum unibody cousins.

Of course, the $560 or so rumored price tag will fit the not-so-premium build and ultra-high-end hardware. You have your octa-core 64-bit MediaTek MT6795 processor under the plastic hood, 3 GB RAM, 2,900 mAh battery, plus a 5.2-inch Quad HD screen, 20 MP camera around the back and 4 Ultrapixel selfie snapper.

And let’s not forget about the microSD card slot that Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is short of, or the fingerprint scanner disguised as a physical home button. Overall, yet another impressive flagship Westerners will never get a stab at. When will HTC learn?

Sources: Phone Arena, Upleaks.info

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