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Plastic shell and 16 MP camera gain credence as possible Samsung Galaxy S5 features

Rumors are a dime a dozen ahead of each and every high-profile mobile tech unveiling, and, with so much time left until Samsung Galaxy S5’s formal intro, it’s definitely not wise to take anything for granted just yet.


But even in the quicksandy rumor arena, there are stories as fake as a two-dollar bill as are those that, while not rock-solid and set in stone, ring true and make sense enough to be worthy of some attention.

Today, we have two of the latter category for you, one that can be clearly filed under good news and another that can be described as bittersweet. And that’s if you’re the optimistic kind. Let’s leave the best for last and thus start with the bad.

Ready? Here it goes. According to a not so credible source, the GS5 is destined to resemble the GNote 3 on the outside, with a plastic case and faux-leather (so also plastic) back cover. That clashes with earlier reports of the year 2014 bringing the dawn of a new design language era for Sammy, but think about it for a second.

It’s a near certainty that, following Galaxy S4’s feeble box-office performance, the sequel will land earlier than initially expected, so sometime in January or February. And is there any realistic way for Samsung to be ready with tens of millions of all-metal outer shells in due time? That’s a resounding no, though I’m merely speculating here.

Galaxy S4 camera

The half-full part of the glass? Maybe the S5 will rock a flexible screen of some kind in the end. And besides, what’s so wrong with plastic?

I genuinely have no idea, so let’s move on to fresh gossip out of Korea starring S5’s rear-facing camera. If we are to trust ET News’s usually reliable sources, the “next big thing” will rock a 16 MP main snapper, probably with a Sony-made CMOS sensor.

No words on optical image stabilization, which is kind of a bummer, but at least there’s hope for the first megapixel count upgrade since the GS4. Remember, both that thing and the Note 3 pack 13 MP shooters, which are not atrocious, but have essentially been left in the dust by Sony Xperia Z1’s 20 MP rear camera or Nokia’s PureView monsters.

Sources: Galaxy S5 Info, Sam Mobile, ET News

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