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Plantronics Announces Three New Fitness & Premium True Wireless Buds & Cans

As Plantronics, the consumer product arm of the newly rebranded Poly, celebrates 50 years since its vital role in the 1969 moon landings, the company has also announced its 2019 range of true wireless earphones.

BackBeat Pro 5100 (SGD 269)

The BackBeat Pro 5100 is Plantronic’s first attempt at the premium true wireless market, which is currently contested by Sony with the WF-1000XM3, Jabra with the Elite Active 65t, and a few other brands.

Image: Plantronics

Focussing on call quality, BackBeat Pro 5100 utilises four noise-cancelling microphones and a new WindSmart technology to deal with background noise during calls.

They deliver a 6.5-hour battery life with an extra 13 hours with its compact charging case, and are controlled with a touch-sensitive yet clickable button for more functionality.

Available in a single colour, black, the BackBeaet Pro 5100 is slated to come in at USD 170 (~SGD 235).

BackBeat Fit 3150, 3200 (SGD 249)

True wireless earphones offer unparalleled freedom of movement, and the BackBeat Fit 3150 and 3200 leverage on this for active use.

Boasting better connectivity, a better IP57 water resistance and a better battery life, the BackBeat Fit 3150 dishes out 8 hours of battery life with an additional 16 with the case.

Image: Plantronics

Like its precedessor, the BackBeat 3150 offers an “Always Aware” ear tip that allows some ambient sounds to be heard for greater awareness of one’s environment.

The BackBeat 3200, however, offers an alternative for those who aren’t game for those, with a more conventional seal and different drivers to match.

Both earphones will cost USD 150 (~SGD 207).

BackBeat Fit 6100 (SGD 299)

Also designed for active use, the BackBeat Fit 6100 is a pair of over-ear, circumaural earphones with an IPX5 rating.

The BackBeat Fit 6100 would likely deliver a more powerful, full-bodied sound with 40mm drivers but with a 24-hour battery life.

Image: Plantronics

Available in black, grey, or camo, the BackBeat Fit 6100 will cost USD 160 (~SGD 221).

The BackBeat Pro 5100, BackBeat Fit 3150 and BackBeat Fit 3200 will be available at most major electronics retailers locally in Singapore, but the BackBeat Fit 6100 is exclusive to Challenger.

Article amended 6th October to reflect Singapore pricing and availability. Originally published on 27th September 2019.

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