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Pixel 4 Launches October 15 With 90Hz Display And Touch-less Gesture Controls

Google is finally ready to officially reveal its Pixel 4 smartphones, issuing invitations to an October 15 Made by Google event in New York City.

A deluge of Pixel 4 leaks has gripped the internet in the past few months – several “leaked” by the company themselves. With an eye-watering set of specifications with a 90Hz option for the display, along with FaceID-like unlock and no-hands gesture controls.

Google has confirmed that the face unlock feature uses a variety of sensors to recognise facial features, much like the technology utilised on Apple’s iPhone. The company has also gone on to claim that the feature is a step up from the competition, offering a more “streamlined” experience, and unlocking no matter the orientation of your device.

These sensors go on to double as proximity detectors, activating the relevant ones as you reach for your phone. Dubbed “Motion Sense”, the Pixel 4 will allow users to interact with their phones without touching them.

In an unprecedented turn of events, the California-based tech giant went to the extent to confirm the leaks via Twitter more than four months ahead of the launch.

In short, everything from the official launch video, a hands-on review, and literally the entire spec sheet have already been

In addition to the highly-expected Pixel 4 devices, Google is widely expected to announce devices like the Nest Mini that is set to replace the Google Home Mini.

Title image: AnhEm TV / YouTube

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