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Philips releases new range of in-ear earphones for sale in Singapore

Philips have announced the availability of its new range of in-ear earphones, the SHE9000, SHE8000 and SHE7000, for sale in Sinagapore. According to Philips, the new earphones have been built with “efficient speakers” and “specially-designed ear buds” to deliver both comfort and precise sound in a single package.

Now that just about any mobile device under the sun boasts the capability to deliver basic audio playback support, it is hardly surprising to walk into a bus or train and see most of the commuters having their trusty earphones hooked up to their smartphones and tablets to indulge in some music while on the move. And if you happen to be looking for a new set of earphones to replace the one that has somehow managed to die mysteriously, you are in luck; Philips has announced the availability of three new in-ear earphones for sale in Singapore, the SHE9000, SHE8000 and SHE7000.

Philips SHE9000

The SHE9000 In-Ear earphones features what Philips claims is a “vibration-absorbing, premium metal housing” that is reportedly capable of allowing users to enjoy their music the way it was meant to be listened to. The company has also added that the SHE9000 has been designed with comfort in mind, with its unique shape allowing for the “perfect in-ear fit” for users.

Philips SHE8000

The SHE8000 In-Ear Headphones features Philips' Angled Acoustic Pipes and soft sealing ear buds which are reportedly capable of significantly reducing background noise, while the use of “ultra-soft silicon ear caps” provides users with “perfect fit and comfort” in their audio playback experience.

Philips SHE7000

Last but definitely not least, Philips has also introduced the SHE7000, which like the aforementioned SHE9000 and SHE8000, features “super-soft ear caps for ultimate comfort and passive noise isolation”. The new SHE9000 and SHE8000 in-ear earphones are already available for sale locally at the retail price of S$49.90 and S$36.90 respectively, while the SHE7000 will only be available by the end of the year, where it will be sold for S$29.90.

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