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Philips launches SHE2675 and SHE3575 series in-ear headsets


Philips has launched their bold new range of in-ear headsets, SHE2675 and SHE3575 series. Available in distinct colors, the headsets will be retailing in stores by the end of May.

The Philips In-Ear Headsets SHE2675 and SHE3575 Series are available in distinctive, bold colors. With a neodymium magnet which helps to enhance bass performance and specially-designed vents to balance the high sounds and bass tones in these headsets, you will have a smoother and more enjoyable listening experience. And it’s not only about color or sound quality – trendy music lovers will be pleased to know that the Philips In-Ear Headset SHE2675 Series also comes with a built-in microphone that allows you to enjoy hands-free conversations on your iPhone or Blackberry, easily and fashionably. They are also equipped with specially designed ear cushions for optimal comfort and fit.

If you like having the option of customizing the fit and position of yourheadsets, then the Philips In-Ear Headset SHE3575 Series is perfect for you. Equipped with built-in microphone, these headsets also come with three different ear cap sizes for an optimal fit. With small yet powerful speaker drivers that fit snugly inside your ears, unwanted external noise is filtered out for a more intense and pleasurable listening experience.

Price and Availability

The Philips In-Ear Headsets SHE2675 and SHE3575 series also come in normal headphones versions (SHE2670 and SHE3570 series) and have a recommended retail price range of S$17.90 to S$29.90. They will be available at all major electronics retailers island-wide by end May 2011.

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