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Philips launches new consumer and business monitors


VR-Zone was one of the regional media invited to Bangkok, Thailand to witness the launch of Philips new consumer C, E and V-Line, and the business P, B and S-Line monitors by MMD. At the event, MMD also showcased Philips' new ErgoSensor technology that claims to help correct a user's posture, as well as their 27-inch 3D monitor.

For those who do not know, MMD (Multimedia Displays) is a wholly-owned company of TPV which claims to be the largest manufacturer of PC monitors and LCD TVs in the world. And MMD markets Philips monitors under the global brand license agreement with Philips. Today, MMD announces the launch of their new C-Line (which is the premium range), E-Line (Essential range) and V-Line (Value range) consumer monitors; B-Line (Business), S-Line (Standard or Small Business) and P-Line (Professional) business monitors. The P-Line, B-Line and S-Line business monitors are available now at all MMD distributors.

The Philips Moda is a 23.6-inch LCD monitor, under the C-Line of premium consumer monitors, has a two-tone elegant finish with a die-cast pure aluminium stand. The Moda has backlit controls with two HDMI input and a VGA connector. According to the company, there is no DVI input as it is phasing out and did not catch on consumers.

MMD also introduced a pure white version of the Philips Moda (right picture) as well as one with the proprietary Lightframe technology. The Philips Moda is scheduled to be available next week; the white version in October and the one with Lightframe in December (just before Christmas). At press time, the 23.6-inch Philips Moda (model: 248C3LHSB) will be retailing at an S$349; the 21.5-inch E-line (model: 227E3LPHSU) at S$229, and the 27-inch (model: 273E3LHSB) at S$489.


Philips ErgoSensor monitor


Also showcased at the event was the prototype Philips ErgoSensor technology which MMD claims to be the first in the world to offer a true optimized ergonomic viewing experience on their display. With an integrated camera above the display, the monitor uses advanced detection technology to measure a user's interpupillary distance; whether their head is in an inclined position; detects how long the user has been sitting in front of the display etc, and gives appropriate advice to the user. At the rear of the monitor are USB, DVI and VGA connectors.

The ErgoSensor can only detect a single user at any one time, and thus if there are few users crowding in front of the monitor, the display will not be able to provide accurate advice. According to a MMD executive, the ErgoSensor monitor takes approximately less than two minutes to detect and monitor the user and an attention prompt will popup at the bottom right of the screen to inform the user. The Philips ErgoSensor monitor is scheduled to launch from December this year. No pricing information is available at press time.

 More to come..

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