Philips Lighting, the leader in the lighting industry based in the Netherlands, has announced the availability of the Philips Hue Play in Singapore as an extension pack (SGD 99) or a double pack (SGD 209).

Jitender Khurana showcases Signify and Philips Hue’s vision and ambition at the Philips Hue Play launch at the Philips Light Lab. Image: Ian Ling

Previously known as Philips Lighting, Signify‘s newly-launched Philips Hue Play retains all we know and expect of the brand’s smart lighting solutions. Signify leads the lighting industry in LED, smart and connected lighting, and is best known for its dominant Philips Hue family of smart lighting devices.

In a compact, versatile form factor, the Philips Hue Play can sync with PC or Mac to deliver a seamless, immersive ambient experience with 16 million colours based on content streamed via Youtube, Netflix, Spotify or a multitude of gaming titles.

Designed to stand, stick or lie, the Philips Hue Play can be used in a multitude of lighting set-ups. Three Hue Play units are stuck on the back of a television set to cast lighting effects sideways. Image: Ian Ling

Movies streamed on television offer a room-filling experience by extending on-screen action to the peripheries. In the same thread, games like Overwatch allow for in-game effects to be fully integrated into the surroundings, with a demonstration showcasing unique flashing sequencing informing gamers of power-ups or flashes synching perfectly with explosions or in-game interactions.

Like various other multi-chromatic Hue devices, the Hue Play also pulses alongside music streamed from various sources.

The Philips Hue Play is an ideal companion for ambient lighting in the living room or at the desk. Image: Ian Ling

The Hue Play distinguishes itself in its form factor. By offering the ability to create effective mood lighting without the hassle or the tangle of LED strips, the Hue Play can be easily set up right from the box – simply connect it to the power and then to the Philips Hue Bridge.

To take full advantage of the Hue Play’s 16 million colours, a Mac or PC with the free-to-download Philips Hue app will enable both Mac and PC users to sync light effects to on-screen picture and sound.

Close collaboration with gaming juggernaut Razer also means that the Philips Hue Play syncs perfectly with Razer’s Chroma lighting ecosystem. Everything from mice to keyboards, graphics cards and even mouse mats will glow, gleam and glare in tandem with the Philips Hue Play. These effects pair perfectly with top gaming titles like Overwatch and Quake Champions.

Philips also showcased full compatibility of the Hue Play with Razer Chroma. Image: Ian Ling

The Philips Hue Play is available at Challenger, Courts, Best Denki, Gain City, Selffix DIY outlets and GamePro at Marina Square, as well as online at Lazada Singapore.

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