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Philips Covers All Bases With Smart Health Solutions At IFA GPC 2019

Philips has announced a wide array of personal health solutions at IFA Global Press Conference 2019, held in Huelva, Andalusia, Spain.

With a focus on health-care related products, Philips aims to not only provide personal health solutions, but also to bring personalised healthcare to 3 billion people by 2030. At the conference, Philips announced three main areas it will focus on.

Philips keynote at IFA GPC 2019. Image: Ian Ling


The Philips Snoring Relief Belt is the company’s solution an issue that plagues about 40% of the world’s population. A noninvasive solution that is worn around the chest, it consists of a small device attached on the front that monitors sleeping positions and uses small vibrations to prevent sleepers from rolling over onto their backs – the sleeping position that induces the most snoring.

Sleep data shared by Philips at their IFA GPC 2019 keynote. Image: Ian Ling


With the Philips Pregnancy+ app, users are able to monitor pregnancy progression in a personalised manner – making it ideal for spouses and loved ones to keep updated and in the loop. The app will provide reading materials and dietary suggestions throughout the course of one’s pregnancy.

Pregnancy is one of the main thrusts of Philips with their Pregnancy+ wellbeing app. Image: Ian Ling


Long an influential figure in dental care, Philips has announced the launch of Philips Sonicare Teledentistry, which piloted in the US, but will now launch in Europe. It promises to deliver virtual dental consultancy within 6-24 hours, with complete and direct monitoring and care. 

The Sonicare line of electric toothbrushes has also been updated with the Sonicare  Expert Clean, which uses 31,000 vibrations per minute to generate a dynamic fluid flow. It also features RFID sensing technology to identify brush heads and optimise settings, along with setting reminders for replacement. An accompanying app collects brushing data which can then be shared with dentists.

Telemedicine, or more specifically, teledentistry is one of the areas Philips intends to embark on. Image: Ian Ling

Air purifiers

With global warning set to increase pollen levels up to twofold, and up to 400 million individuals suffering from allergic rhinitis worldwide, Philips air purifier boast the ability to clean a 20sqm within 8 minutes. 


With over 80 years of experience in rotary shavers, Philips has announced the latest in line of its 7000 series shavers. It uses AI technology to ensure a smooth shaving experience, especially useful with almost 60% of men experiencing irritation during shaving. For those particular about monitoring their grooming, the accompanying app will also generate personalised shaving reports.


Also launched was an improved Airfryer XXL, that promises to deliver a more seamless and healthy cooking with Smart Sensing technology. this automatically optimises cooking times and temperatures, while reducing fat over conventional friers by up to 90%. This is achieved with intense hot currents of air that renders the fat that drips away and is collected separately.

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  1. Very nice information especially for the pregnant women. Pregnancy is a complicated process and women should aware from this infomation.

  2. Philips Company has been working for people’s health for a long time. I really like its applications. Now this time i am seeing the pregnancy app. When will this app launch?

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