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Philips’ 43-inch 4K IPS display goes on sale for $799

Unlike LCD tech that took years and years for them to become affordable to consumers, 4K IPS displays are popping up everywhere. Plus, the prices are dropping at a reasonable rate, making them accessible to even the most frugal early adopters.

The latest of the bunch is Philips’ 43” 4K IPS display (BDM4350UC). Coming in at just shy of $800, the 3840 x 2160 display is an inviting option for those that are looking into replacing their current display with a brand-name 4K display.


At 43”, the new Philips 4K display might as well be a dual-purpose tool—a computer monitor and a television set. It boasts 4x the resolution of a 1080p display, and it does come with 60 Hz refresh rate (anything less and we’ll probably chuck it out of the window and demand a refund).

On the input end it comes with 1 D-Sub, 2 HDMI 2.0, 2 MHL and 1 DP 1.2, which means there’s plenty of ways for you to make your 4K dream a reality. Oh, and it comes with 2 7W speakers, but of course that’s just for formality and we know you probably won’t ever use them.


The only downside to this 4K monitor is the stand it comes with doesn’t tilt, and you can’t adjust the height. This is easily fixable with a $15 VESA mount. CAD users and spreadsheet crunchers will squeeze a lot of value out of this Philips monitor. Oh… and gamers too…

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