In conjunction with World Coffee Day, Philips is launching its range of fully automated espresso machines (FAEM) in Singapore. Amongst the machines is the Philips 3200 Series LatteGo, which touts the greatest in convenience while providing a wide range of customisations and beverage options.

The Philips 3200 Series LatteGo, with innovative LatteGo milk carafe system that enables quick dismantling for a 15-second rinse. Image: Ian Ling

The 3200 Series LatteGo takes whole roasted beans, grinding them immediately prior to brewing at the specified size and consistency with durable ceramic grinders. The bean container has an aroma seal to ensure beans retain freshness and flavour over time.

Users then have the option of five coffee beverages – brewed coffee, latte macchiato, cappuccino, espresso, and americano. Easily controlled via touch-sensitive display, the 3200 Series LatteGo also allows for further customisation for aroma strength and beverage quantity.

The highlight is the innovative and award-winning LatteGo milk system, which optimises the use of steam to heat and foam milk, while doing away with complicated, difficult-to-maintain pipes and tubes.

This means the LatteGo system is simply constructed from two parts (excluding the lid), enabling users to disassemble the milk carafe system for rinsing under running water, all under 15 seconds. The system is also dishwasher safe, for added convenience.

Working together with the revolutionary LatteGo easy-clean design is Philip’s patented AquaClean water filter system. This ensures that no descaling is required for 5,000 cups, meaning fresher-tasting coffee with the use of filtered water.

At its first stop in the Asia Pacific region, Philips introduces the 3200 Series LatteGo in Singapore. Image: Ian Ling

In collaboration with popular local coffee house Chye Seng Huat Hardware
(CSHH), Philips will introduce Philips x CSHH House of Coffee throughout the month of October. During this period, a limited promotional menu can be complemented with a cup of coffee at just S$4.

In addition, themed workshops will be held at CSHH. This include the Coffee Appreciation and Cupping workshop held at 10a.m. on 12th and 26th October 2019, and the Roasting Tours workshop held at 10a.m. on 19th October. Both events will cost S$10.

The Philips 3200 Series LatteGo FAEM comes in at SGD 1,399, and is joined by the Philips 2200 Series at SGD 999, the Philips 3100 Series at SGD 1,099, the Philips 5000 Series at SGD 1,599 and the PicoBaristo at SGD 2,099.

Customers who purchase the a Philips LatteGo series FAEM machine at House of Coffee event will receive a free bag of coffee beans by CSHH.

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