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Phase-Change Basics 2: Setting Up a System

This is part 2 of the phase-change basic guide which walks through the set up of a simple phase-change rig. Part 1 can be found here.

Basic phase-change set up walkthrough

This is meant to walk you through a step by step set up of a phase change
system using a system that I have just setup. There should be fairly sufficient
information here to guide you through the process of building a simple
single-stage setup.

Let us start off with a very simple explanation of a phase-change PC Cooler.

We all know that the compressor is one of the main components.

From here, the refrigerant is “pumped” and compressed. The flow of the
refrigerant moves from here to the condenser, where the Vapour refrigerant
condenses into liquid refrigerant.


The liquid refrigerant then moves into the drier/filter where impurities and
moisture are filtered out.

From the drier/filter, the liquid refrigerant moves into the metering device,
which in most cases will be a capillary tube when using on a PC. Through this
thin length of copper, the liquid refrigerant will be metered into the

Here is where the CPU gets cooled and most of the liquid vapourizes here. The
Vapour refrierant moves from the evaporator into the suction line and moves back
to the compressor. And the process continues.

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