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Phablet demand killed the HTC One mini 3

No diminutive HTC flagship for you this year, suggests a high-level company official, or in the years to come, presumably.

HTC One mini 2

In case you were wondering why it was all quiet on the Lilliputian upper mid-end mobile front, it might not only be because it’s too early for HTC One mini 3 or Samsung Galaxy S6 mini announcements. Apparently, “the industry overall is moving towards new phones over 5 inches in size.”

As such, the President of HTC’s North Asian division, Jack Tong, recently told Taiwanese press the local OEM’s “product roadmap is close to that of the industry”, effectively quashing any sort of speculation leaksters may have been inclined to spark in relation to a pint-sized One M9 variant.

If we were to extrapolate, we could guess Samsung is well aware of the general direction the mobile landscape is headed for, and likewise not looking to replicate the Galaxy S6 formula in a miniature package.


After all, the S5 mini turns one next month, and no substantial rumble about a sequel has been heard in the “jungle” thus far. Of course, the two heavyweights could always take a page from arch-rival LG’s playbook, replacing the mini suffix with S or Beat (or Prime or whatever), and cranking up the footprint to 5 inches or so to fulfill people’s need for gargantuan size and power.

Meanwhile, the perspectives of a One M9 Max (or perhaps just an international M9+) look brighter by the day, especially since the standard M9 is reportedly selling rather poorly. No doubt harmed by the pizazz of the S6, S6 Edge and even LG G4 on the Western hemisphere, the Full HD handheld’s demand numbers are lower than M9+’s tracking in Taiwan. Probably in China too.

Bottom line, you should grab HTC’s final One mini while you can, at $350 or so on Amazon, and think twice before getting the M9. You don’t want to regret your purchase in a couple of months, do you?

Source: Focus Taiwan

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