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PFU to release iOS/Android compatible document scanner: ScanSnap S1500 (Japan)

ScanSnap iX500

For the first time in 3 years, PFU will be releasing a new ScanSnap model on Nov 30.  And this time, it will support mobile devices.

The ScanSnap iX500 will be released with an open price, but can also be purchased via direct sale for 49,800Yen ($626 USD). With IEEE 802b/g/n Wi-Fi, the scanner can easily connect to your iOS and Android devices when you want to scan in your documents without booting up a clunky desktop PC.

The scanner will also support USB 3.0, and carries a newly developed hardware graphics processing engine called the ‘GI’ processor. This allows it to achieve the same level of image processing on mobile as with PC, as the heavy lifting is all done by the scanner itself, and the machine effortlessly outputs JPEG and PDF encoded files.

That's GI Engine, not GI JOE.


Additional improvements in this latest model from PFU include a heightened read speed, which has been boosted to 25 pages/ minute for color 300dpi scans. More cool features include a ‘break roller’ paper feed which separates the inputted pages, and a straight path paper ejection which allows the device to support many more types of paper, and even allows direct printing onto plastic such as credit cards. Not only that, but the scanner can even prevent multiple pages entering the feed by using a multi-feed sensor based on ultrasound! As far as boring office equipment goes, this guy’s actually pretty cool!

Some printers/scanners have notoriously bad software, but how does the iX500 shape up? On the PC, when you scan something and a helpful pop-up menu appears, making it easy to deal with the newly obtained image. You can also add applications or cloud services to the ‘Favorites’ function. When scanning in business cards or receipts, a ‘recommendation’ function helpfully displays the relevant business card or receipt managing software first. Speaking of business cards, the scanner also comes with a copy of “CardMinder” , which supports management of business cards not only in Japanese but from a total of 11 languages including English, Russian, and Chinese.


Scan straight from your iPhone!


The software package also comes with OCR, which utilizes parallel processing to speed up creation of searchable PDFs. Traditionally the OCR processing of a 3 page A4 sized document has taken up to 36 seconds, but with PFU’s latest machine, this has been reduced to 17 seconds.

On the technical side of things, the scanner has 2 CIS sensors, and can support a maximum resolution of 600dpi in color, or 1,200dpi in monochrome. Scanning speed is 7 pages/minute at color 600dpi, or 25 pages/minute for 150/200/300dpi. The scanner can take paper formats A4~B6, postcards, business cards, letters, legal documents, and so on. An additional A3 carrier sheet can also be used to enable scanning of A3/B4 documents, with a maximum length of 863mm.



The unit is powered by an AC adapter and has dimensions 292x159x168mm, with a weight of 3kg.

The scanner comes with the following software: scanner drivers, ScanSnap Manager V6.0, ScanSnap Organizer V5.0, CardMinder V5.0, Business Card Filing OCR V3.2, Acrobat X Standard, ABBYY Fine Reader for ScanSnap 5.0, Scan to Microsoft SharePoint 3.4, Simple Account Book Entry 2 for ScanSnap, Evernote for Windows 4.5. Of these, the drivers, business card manager, OCR, and Evernote tools also work on Mac OS.

Source: PC Watch

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