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Peter Molyneaux concerned about making promises for Kickstarter project GODUS

Peter Molyneaux's heartfelt reaction in a recent interview shows fans that he's concerned about delivering false promises to those who fund his new Kickstarter project GODUS.

Peter Molyneux has been hailed a gaming visionary, always thinking big and trying to revolutionize various aspects of gaming as we know it. His influence on the successful and popular fantasy-RPG Fable franchise is proof of Molyneaux's ability, showing that he is more than able to provide the gaming world with releases that explore the far-away vistas of a particular genre.

His recent game Curiosity – What's Inside the Cube?, however, hasn't done too well in the past few weeks, and Molyneaux has been struggling with the game's "disasterous" server malfunctions. As a result, gamers all across the world have lashed out, leaving Curiosity to be met with critical upheavel and negative reception.

Curiosity's recent failures have weighed on Molyneaux, so much that he actually broke down into tears in a recent interview when discussing the promises he's made regarding his new Kickstarter-funded project GODUS.

Since the game is largely dependent upon Kickstarter's crowd-funding–which relies heavily upon trust and offers no real guarantee that the project will be finished–Molyneaux is concerned about making too many promises and not being able to deliver.

“I swore that when we started 22 Cans that we wouldn’t over-promise, and I guess through stupid mistakes we have. I have to live by those. If it means that the project doesn’t get Kickstarted, if it means that people use the Kickstarter to vent their frustrations, then I guess I have to live by that.”

With GODUS, Molyneaux hopes to re-invent the original PC "god game" Populous, and breathe new life into the genre to make it accessible to the modern age of gaming.

So far GODUS has raised £107,268 of its £450,000 goal with over four thousand backers, and has 28 more days before the funding ends on Dec. 21, 2012.

It will be interesting to see how GODUS pans out: will the project be successfully Kickstarted, and if so, will Molyneaux and 22Cans deliver on the promises they've made concerning in-game features and mechanics?

Only time will tell…yet Molyneaux's recent comment proves that no matter what happens, one thing remains true:

"…I still believe so much.”

GODUS is planned to release on PC, iOS and Android. For more information please visit the game's official Kickstarter Page.

Source: rockpapershotgun

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