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Pentax announces limited edition 645D “Japan” medium format DSLR

Everybody knows that medium-format DSLRs are one of the most expensive gadgets to own today, but if you are going to spend good money on such a camera, why not get yourself a limited edition model while you are at it? And if that thought has crossed your mind, perhaps you'd like to consider what Pentax has currently got up its sleeves for fans of medium-format DSLRs; a limited edition "Japan" variant of its 645D camera, which will soon be made available for pre-ordering.

It is common knowledge that DSLRs are not cheap, and that more sophisticated DSLRs with medium-format sensors are definitely going to cost consumers and professionals alike an arm and a leg. However, if you have already made up your mind to break the piggy bank over a medium-format DSLR, why not make your most expensive acquisition more meaningful by springing for a limited edition model? Well, if that thought has crossed your mind, we've got some good news for you; Pentax has just announced its plans to release a limited edition variant of its 645D medium format DSLR, which it calls the 645D "Japan".

According to the official press release, the Pentax 645D "Japan" will sport the same features in the standard 645D medium format DSLR that was released for sale some time in March last year. This means that the 645D "Japan" will utilize the same CCD sensor which boasts the capability to capture still images at the astronomical resolution of 40 megapixels, and will gain access to the same PRIME II imaging engine, DR II dust removal mechanism and dual SD / SDHC memory card slots that are already present in the original 645D.

However, it being a limited edition of the original 645D means that the 645D "Japan" also comes bundled with certain bells and whistles that are not available in the former. For one, the 645D "Japan"'s body has been given a bit of a cosmetic overhaul in the form of a red, lacquer-finished body designed to give the camera an"elegant, exquisite appearance", and will be delivered to customers in a "specially designed paulownia-wood packaging". In addition, the camera will also feature a gold-plated Pentax logo, a specially-designed mount cap, a white backlit-illuminated LCD screen, a DS-80 Centre-Spot-Matte focusing screen and more importantly, access to the new v1.11 firmware which is not available on the standard models.

No information about pricing has been revealed by Pentax, although the company claims that it intends to start taking pre-orders for the 645D "Japan" from July 20 till September 20.

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