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Pentagon approves fivefold cyber security staff increase

The US Pentagon recently approved an expansion of its cyber security staff from roughly 900 members to 4,900 military and civilian personnel.  In light of recent events such as Anonymous’ attack on the US Department of Justice, it seems like the move to increase cyber security staff at the Pentagon is a must.

Ever since man began staging wars against each other, information about each other has been a crucial component in determining the victor.  Modern day computer infrastructures have allowed military organizations to steal and store critical information about anyone and anything that are potential threats. 

Data storage is no longer an issue for large organizations, but rather it’s the protection of the data that has become a top priority.  Many hackers in recent years have managed to hack business and government servers to obtain information that are not meant for the public eyes, hence, the Pentagon’s move to increase its cyber security department.

Pentagon Defense Secretary Leon Panetta admitted that the US has not invested enough in securing its computer infrastructure.

(The Pentagon's Leon Panetta | Image: globalpost)

“We’ve got good people that are involved in it, but, very frankly, if we’re going to stay on the cutting edge of what’s happening with regards to the chances that are occurring, we have to invest more in that area,” Panetta said in a speech last November.

According to various reports, the fivefold increase in cyber security staffing is to help protect the organization’s internal computer systems, offensive operations abroad, and computers that are connected to the department’s electrical grid.

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