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Pebble Time Steel public pre-orders now live, shipping underway in September

After mostly taking care of Kickstarter supporters late last month, Pebble has opened Time Steel reservations for all, with prices starting at $249.

Pebble Time Steel

You have to assume it wasn’t easy producing and distributing enough Time and Time Steel copies to cover the over $20 million-worth demand from back March. But that’s done now, and the entry-level, plastic version is also available in plentiful inventory at various household retailers.

Meanwhile, the more robust wrist-worn computer can be yours in six to eight weeks if you secure it today via getpebble.com. As the name suggests, the Time Steel’s frame is made of stainless steel, and in exchange for 250 bucks, it’s paired with a fashionable “genuine Italian” leather strap.

Time Steel

For an extra sense of muscle and flair, $50 more buys you the Android and iOS-compatible device decked with black matte, silver or gold steel bands. Granted, $300 sounds a little steep for a mobile accessory not designed by Apple, or built on Google’s Android Wear software platform.

Then again, the Pebble Time Steel is handsome on the outside and productive on the inside, courtesy of a time-centric minimalistic interface, tenacious seven-day battery and decent support for health-monitoring functions.

You also get a microphone, 64-color e-paper display with Gorilla Glass protection, and water resistance. Overall, it’s probably not the Apple Watch slayer envisioned by many, but a respectable contender nonetheless.

Source: Pebble Blog

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