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Pebble Time starts shipping May 27 to early backers amid financial trouble rumors

The upgraded smartwatch’s 78,000+ Kickstarter supporters should all receive their discounted wrist-worn gadgets by the end of June.

Pebble Time

Look out, Apple, one of your fiercest wearable rivals is about to go for the “iWatch’s” jugular with a radically improved version of the original Pebble. Technically, the charge on the market’s most popular fledgling product, as well as Android Wear family members, began back in February.

That’s when the Pebble Time was formally announced, and to the surprise of many, when its manufacturers again pleaded for the financial aid of the masses. Not exactly the typical M.O. of a company with at least 1 million unit sales under its belt, but the call for help produced stellar results.

The crowd-funding campaign reached its modest $500K goal in a heart-stopping 17 minutes, and went on to obliterate various other records before earning a whopping $20.33 million. Of that hefty sum, Techcrunch claims Pebble put roughly $18M in the bank after fees, yet soon found it needed more to “stay afloat.”

Pebble Time-2

Of course, it’s not unusual for a business looking to expand to seek loans and credit, which is essentially how the watch designer responded to fiscal crisis speculation on Facebook. Indirectly, that is, pointing fans to a slew of favorable user comments bashing Techcrunch’s blown-out-of-proportion gossip.

To further prove everything goes according to plan, this Wednesday, i.e. May 27, shall see “the first batch of Pebble Time shipments” leave the OEM’s crowded storage rooms. 78,000 orders would probably be easy to process for Apple or Samsung in a few hours, but Pebble wants you to wait until mid-June for all tracking numbers to reach their destination.

Once Kickstarter benefactors will be taken care of, wider availability can be tackled, at $199 and up. There’s also a Time Steel variant slated for launch in July, August at the latest, and if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon early, the premium second-gen watch will set you back $299.

Source: 9to5Mac

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