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PC makers downplay Apple’s latest MacBook on Twitter

Competitors love to mock Apple, and some recent tweets by the likes of Lenovo and Dell are proving PC makers will sling mud at the MacBook maker when the opportunity arises.

The new MacBook looks sleek and the hardware isn’t bad either, and it’s likely that Apple will sell quite a few when its all said and done.  Competing PC manufacturers, however, don’t want consumers to think the MacBook is the only thing on the market that touts a thin body and high-res display.

Lenovo tweeted that not only is the Yoga 3 Pro slimmer, but it also has more ports and a higher resolution touch display.  The only thing Lenovo forgot to mention in the tweet was that the Yoga 3 Pro was slightly heavier than the MacBook, weighing 0.62 lbs. more than Apple’s offering.

Dell followed suit and tweeted that its XPS 13 features a display with 2 million more pixels than the MacBook’s.  Of course it didn’t forget to mention there are plenty of ports on the XPS 13 also—USB ports, mini DisplayPort and SD card reader.

Then there’s Asus, the maker o the ultra-slim ZenBook, which is just 12.3 mm thick compared to the 13.1 mm of the MacBook.  You get all the usual connectivity such as USB and mini HDMI, and people will only have to fork out about half of what it would take to buy a MacBook.

Apple dropped a bomb on people when it revealed the new MacBook will feature one USB Type C port—just one.  People can charge and transfer data quicker, but will have to shell out $79 for an add-on if they want to plug in multiple things.

Pre-order for the new MacBook begins April, 10, meaning there’s plenty of time for competitors to downplay Apple’s latest gadget even more.

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