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Patriot Gauntlet Node Portable Wireless Enclosure

The Gauntlet Node is certainly a very interesting idea, especially for people with mobile devices who would enjoy continuous access to a large amount of data. It certainly is a very stylish and well-made device, albeit perhaps a bit bulky for those aiming at minimum volume and weight. We think it would be exceptionally useful for those who own iPhones and iPads, the memory of which cannot be upgraded, as well as similar mobile devices, and possess a very large audio collection or, even worse, video files such as movies and boxsets. It definitely is a versatile device, with the USB 3.0 cable allowing the quick transfer of massive amounts of data between it and a PC and the 8-way Wi-Fi allowing the connection of several devices simultaneously. Battery life is very good too, considering that the battery has to power a mechanical disk drive.

Unfortunately, the Gauntlet Node is not a perfect device. To begin with, connecting to the Gauntlet Node means that you are forfeiting your direct connection to the internet. Sure, the Gauntlet Node will still let you connect to the internet via a pass through connection, the speed of which however is not very fast and will degrade even more when multiple devices will be trying to access the Gauntlet Node simultaneously. However, even if a single device is connected to the Gauntlet Node, it appears that it will not be able to stream 1080p/i content without problems. A future firmware upgrade might increase the speed of the Wi-Fi connection but we are unable to confirm something like that.

The largest drawback of the Gauntlet Node however is not its speed or some software bug but the retail price. We found the Gauntlet Node retailing for about 100 USD / 125 SGD at the time of this review. In Europe, it starts from about 90 EUR including taxes. It goes without saying that the retail price is extremely high for an enclosure, even with the number of features and functions that the Gauntlet Node offers, which will drive a lot of potential users towards other solutions.

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