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Patriot Gauntlet Node Portable Wireless Enclosure

From a PC, when you want to wirelessly access your Gauntlet Node, you can easily do so from your web browser after connecting to its wireless access point. Keep in mind that you need a PC with Wi-Fi capabilities in order to achieve that! The access address is and once entered to a web browser it will bring up the configuration menu of the Gauntlet Node. From here, the user can adjust the SSID of the device, Samba account settings, the Workgroup and even insert WEP/WAP security.

Once the device is configured, it should appear in Windows under the "Network" section. From there you can also map each partition of the drive separately into Windows explorer, or even create shortcuts.

As far as mobile devices are concerned, Patriot offers free software for any Android, iOS and Amazon Kindle device. However, it appears that there is no application for Windows Phone 8 yet. The software is pretty simple, basically designed only to let the users manage transfers between the Gauntlet Node and the device. Above you can see an example of what the software looks like when accessing the Gauntlet Node through an Android smartphone.

It was here however that we discovered a problem associated with the Wi-Fi link of the Gauntlet Node. As the device will connect to the Gauntlet Node via Wi-Fi it will be unable to connect to a wireless access point or router, losing its direct connection to the internet, be it a laptop or any other device accessing the internet via a Wi-Fi connection. The Gauntlet Node supports an internet pass-through function, connecting to the router/access point and, consequently, to the internet itself and sharing that connection with any device which will try and access it. However, after investigation we found out that the maximum speed that we could achieve over such a connection was 19-20Mbps, with a single device accessing the Gauntlet Node and without trying to access any of its files. While that may be enough for streaming media, not only that is much lower than a Wireless-N router for sharing files around a network but there are people who have internet connections faster than that. 

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