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Patriot Gauntlet Node Portable Wireless Enclosure

Removing the bottom cover of the Gauntlet Node reveals the HDD compartment. A very simple SATA power/data connector on a loose cable awaits the 2.5" drive.

The other half of the enclosure is home to the 3350mAh battery and the hardware. Patriot claims that this battery may last up to 5.5 hours, which however depends on the kind of HDD which will be installed inside the Gauntlet Node and the usage. We will be thoroughly testing the battery life of this device soon.

The installation of a drive inside the Gauntlet Node is very easy. To begin with, the drive has to be prepared by simply installing the four provided thumbscrews with their rubber caps.

Once the thumbscrews are installed, the user simply has to place the HDD inside the Gauntlet Node and connect the SATA cable. The drive will not be secured permanently but the bottom cover will be holding it into place firmly once installed.

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